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Dragonheart Film-Bewertung

Der Drache Draco und der Ritter Bowen wollen das Land von der grausamen Herrschaft des tyrannischen Königs Einon befreien. Einst rettete Draco Einons Leben durch eine Herzspende, wodurch ihre Leben miteinander verknüpft wurden. Auch Bowen hat eine. Dragonheart ist ein Fantasyfilm von Regisseur Rob Cohen aus dem Jahr mit Dennis Quaid und David Thewlis in den Hauptrollen. Der Film startete am Dragonheart – Ein neuer Anfang ist ein US-amerikanischer Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahr und eine Fortsetzung des Films Dragonheart aus dem Jahr Finden Sie Dragonheart in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-​Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. "Dragonheart": Bowen (Dennis Quaid) und der Drache Draco sehen sich in. Durch die Spende eines Teils seines Herzens rettet der Drache.


Dragonheart. Kinder werden begeistert sein, bei älteren Zuschauern dürfte während des Abenteuerfilms von Rob Cohen schnell der Geduldsfaden reißen. Dragonheart: Abenteuerfilm/Fantasyfilm/Ritterfilm von Raffaella De Laurentiis mit Dennis Quaid/Julie Christie/Lee Oakes. Jetzt im Kino. Der Drache Draco und der Ritter Bowen wollen das Land von der grausamen Herrschaft des tyrannischen Königs Einon befreien. Einst rettete Draco Einons Leben durch eine Herzspende, wodurch ihre Leben miteinander verknüpft wurden. Auch Bowen hat eine.

Problem being the film doesn't look anything like England but in fact looks exactly like where they shot it, eastern Europe. I did get the feeling that most of the budget for this film was used on creating the CGI dragon as everything else looks pretty poor really.

This King only seems to be King of a small valley, there is no other mention of the rest of England or any other people outside this valley.

The effects at the time were big, they were big time effects believe me, this film garnered much attention because of its CGI dragon.

Looking back now its nicely done on the whole but obviously with time the cracks are now evident and the CGI shines through.

There are some nice shots when 'Draco' is wet and when he breathes fire, plus the flying sequences are quite good but when he chats with humans it becomes a bit iffy.

And yes Draco is his name, draco the dragon, surely they could come up with something a bit more original?.

The idea of a knight and a dragon teaming up for a living during the medieval period is a good one but it doesn't quite feel fully serviced here.

We only get a very very bare bones look at other peasants, other villages and how they go about this agreement.

No sooner have we seen one badly interpreted village scam the plot goes off down this rebellion route against the evil young King.

We then get a very very very average looking final battle sequence against I dunno, about 50 horseback troops and about peasants who were conveniently trained up in the art of war not more than a few hours before.

There isn't really any decent lore in this film either, nothing on dragons much. The fact Draco can speak is hugely important I would of thought, it shows he is an intelligent beast, not just a dumb killing machine, surely humans could learn a great deal from this creature.

I also want to know if all dragons can speak in this universe, they clearly have magic powers and possible immortality with a human, sheesh there is loads to discover here but we get nothing!.

Why on earth would people wanna kill all these super intelligent sentient beings off?!!. It really does all feel a bit low rent In fact the dragon is the best thing in the film really, Quaid looks bad in his blonde wig, Dina Meyer looks ridiculous in her peasant garb, Isaacs is wasted, Postlethwaite is also wasted but Thewlis is actually a decent slimy King The choice of Connery as Draco is a good one, no complaints there, in fact its perfect.

A fun cheerful fantasy with a surprisingly stirring orchestral score no doubt, but looking back its all very hokey and quite poorly made if you look closer.

The selling point is Draco obviously and without him I think this would have been a disaster. Its a B-movie with an A grade effect in it basically.

Phil H Super Reviewer. Dec 02, Dragonheart is an exciting movie that is pure entertainment and a childs fantasy, but sadly they try so hard to make it more lovable to children that it ends up being a very immature film.

Dragons are cool, lets all face this truth, and movie about a man who partners with a drogon to take down a corrupt prince sounds cool to me.

The plot is a lot of mystical mumbo jumbo and the characters are nothing to get worked up about, with the exception of Draco who was incredibly fun for all ages.

Kids may buy into this story but as for me I found its simplicity just fun. The cast consists of actors like Dennis Quaid, who gives a well done and steady performance, and voice work from Sean Connery who gave Draco a great edge.

The visual effects were very impressive for its time and I really enjoyed the beauty of the film. Dragonheart is cheesy and childish, lets be honest, but its just pure fun and imagination with everything and it was good enough for me.

Bradley W Super Reviewer. Aug 28, Dragonheart is a thrilling fantasy adventure that tells the story of King Einon who was wounded and summons Draco, one of the last living dragons in the land.

Unfortunately when Einon grows to be an adult, he becomes a cruel king, with no compassion. I first saw Dragonheart when I was young, and it was a film that captured my imagination.

I've seen a second time in the past years or so, and I still thought the film was just as exciting as it was the first time that I saw it.

The film has a great cast of talented actors, great action, a well developed story, and if you're looking for a wonderful Fantasy film about dragons; then Dragonheart is the film for you.

The story I thought was very compelling with plenty of action and drama elements that was necessary to tell a terrific story.

Although he only voiced the CGI dragon, Sean Connery was wonderful, and I thought he was a key player to making this a wonderful film experience.

Though by today's standards, the CGI looks primitive; Dragonheart is still a thrilling Fantasy Action Adventure film that delivers terrific entertainment.

I never really cared for Dragon films to be honest, but Dragonheart is a film that stood out for me and I thought it was a wonderful and fun film to watch.

With lots of action, adventure and drama; Dragonheart is a classic of the genre, and is quite frankly underrated.

A wonderful film that has elements will appeal to everyone. Alex r Super Reviewer. Jul 09, Nay Nay B Super Reviewer.

See all Audience reviews. Bowen: I only hated one of you. These I killed because I wanted to kill him. But I never found and I never will.

Since you're the last, he must be dead. Bowen: He only had half a heart, but even that was enough to pollute an innocent boy.

HE polluted the heart! Bowen: How do you know that? How do you know that, dragon? What was to be their hope became their doom; a spoiled ungrateful child was given a great gift and destroyed it!

Bowen: No! I knew Einon. I was his mentor, I taught him the ways of right of honor. Bowen: That's a lie, dragon!

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Einon recognizes her as the one responsible for his near-death and attempts to seduce her and make her his queen. Disgusted by what her son has become, Aislinn helps Kara escape.

Kara tries to rally the villagers against Einon, but they instead offer her as a sacrifice to Draco, who takes her to his lair.

Einon arrives to recapture her and fights Bowen, declaring that he never believed in the Old Code and only told Bowen what he wanted to hear so he would teach him how to fight.

Draco intervenes and Einon flees. Kara asks Bowen to help overthrow Einon, but the disillusioned knight refuses. Bowen and Draco's next staged dragonslaying goes poorly and their con is exposed.

Draco reveals the connection between himself and Einon, stating that he hoped giving the prince a piece of his heart would change Einon's nature and reunite the races of Man and Dragon.

Through this action Draco hoped to earn a place in the stars, where dragons who prove their worth go after they die.

He fears that his failure will cost him his soul, and agrees to help Kara and Gilbert against Einon.

After experiencing a vision of King Arthur voiced by John Gielgud that reminds him of his knightly code, Bowen agrees to help as well.

With Bowen and Draco on their side, the villagers are organized into a formidable fighting force. Aislinn presents Einon with a group of dragonslayers, secretly knowing that killing Draco will cause Einon to die as well.

The villagers are on the verge of victory against Einon's cavalry when Gilbert strikes Einon in the heart with an arrow.

Draco falls from the sky and is captured. Kara tries to rally her village's people against Einon, but they instead offer her as a sacrifice to Draco.

After she is taken to Draco's lair, Einon arrives to recapture her and fights Bowen. As they fight, Einon demoralizes Bowen by declaring that he never believed in the code and was only using Bowen to learn how to fight.

He gains the upper hand and nearly kills Bowen; Draco intervenes and reveals his half-heart, causing Einon to flee in horror.

Kara asks Bowen to help overthrow Einon, but the disillusioned knight refuses. Bowen and Draco come upon Gilbert at another village.

Kara, disgusted by their actions, attempts to expose them, but the villagers do not believe her until after the staged slaying, while Draco is playing dead.

When the villagers decide to carve him up for meat, he takes flight, revealing the scam. They then surround Bowen, Kara, and Gilbert, declaring to make them their meat instead.

Draco rescues the trio and takes them to Avalon , where they take shelter among the tombs of the Knights of the Round Table.

Draco tells Bowen about himself and Einon: he had hoped that by saving Einon, it would change his nature, reunite the races of Man and Dragon, and earn Draco a place in the stars, where worthy dragons go after they die.

Instead, he fears his actions have cost him his soul and agrees to help fight against Einon. After a vision of King Arthur reminds him of his knightly honor, Bowen agrees as well.

Bowen and Draco organize the villagers into a formidable army, and they are nearly victorious against Einon's forces when Gilbert strikes Einon in the heart with an arrow.

Draco, feeling Einon's pain, falls from the sky and is captured. Einon, realizing he is effectively immortal so long as Draco lives, is determined to keep the dragon safe.

Aislinn, knowing of the connection, attempts to kill Draco during the night, but Einon intercepts and kills her instead. The rebels invade Einon's castle, and Bowen throws Einon from the top of a tower.

While he tries to free Draco, the dragon begs Bowen to kill him and end Einon's reign. Bowen can't bring himself to kill his friend, but Einon rises up and charges at Bowen.

Reluctantly, Bowen throws an ax into Draco's exposed half-heart, killing Einon and Draco. Draco's body dissipates as his soul becomes a new star in the constellation, and Bowen and Kara lead the kingdom into an era of justice and brotherhood.

Patrick Read Johnson , who wrote the story for Dragonheart , first proposed the idea for the film to producer Raffaella De Laurentiis.

Johnson described it as " The Skin Game with a dragon in it According to Cohen, Badham "didn't respond" to the material, so Johnson was then asked to direct the film.

This was sort of the first scene that I thought of with the knight in the dragon's mouth with his sword against the roof his mouth.

I knew they would come to the conclusion that the only way for them to continue to survive was to stage these mock battles all over the countryside and get paid in heaps of gold.

Johnson and Charles Edward Pogue collaborated on the script and submitted it to Universal Pictures on a Friday, and two days later on Monday morning, Universal gave Johnson the green light to start making the film as the script produced such a strong emotional response from studio executives.

Johnson described Dragonheart as its own phenomenon that took off in Hollywood since it was "a movie that everybody wanted to be in, and everybody wanted to score, and everybody wanted to be the cinematographer of, and everybody wanted to direct.

Additionally, according to Johnson, Universal saw the Creature Shop test footage as the pretext for the quality of the final film, and went behind his back trying to remove him from the project and give it to an A-list director since Johnson only had one film to his name at the time.

When Universal ended his contract, Johnson was only paid and given credit as executive producer and for writing the story.

For his desired direction for the film, Johnson said. I wanted this to be a more noble film than it ended up being.

I still wanted it to be fun, and I wanted it to be charming and clever. I wanted it to have a more European feeling.

Like something Terry Gilliam might do. Then as Universal sought a replacement director, Richard Donner was approached and Kenneth Branagh was declined when the studio said the amount he asked for to both star in the film and direct it was too expensive.

Johnson said he harbored no ill will for Cohen taking over the project until he "started hearing the horror stories about how Chuck Pogue was being treated, and then I started seeing Rob taking credit for things that weren't his to take credit for"—e.

Cohen also took credit for Draco's design and Sean Connery being Draco's voice actor. Johnson cites an article from Cinescape magazine "where Rob is again asked about the origin of the project and he basically tries to sell the idea that I was some film student that somehow got attached to this great project that somehow pre-existed my involvement.

When meeting for drinks in Bora Bora , Johnson pitched the idea for Dragonheart to Pogue and he agreed to work on the film. Together, Johnson and Pogue worked on the script, developing the characters and the Old Code.

After the script was completed in , it went unchanged for the next four years, but since it got such a resounding response, Universal fired Johnson in the hopes of getting a more experienced director like Steven Spielberg.

Since Jurassic Park was released and Universal Studios sought to have Draco made with CGI like the dinosaurs, this meant the script had to be altered in accordance with Draco's allowed screen time based on the film's budget.

As a result, Draco would be seen in the film less often compared to his appearances in the original script, which included a sequence with Bowen flying around on Draco's back.

According to Pogue, production on the film became troublesome after Rob Cohen was hired as he felt the director "had neither the poetry in his soul nor the panache to bring Dragonheart to the screen.

For example, there's a scene that was filmed of Kara and Bowen declaring their love for each other, during which Bowen asks Kara for her "lady's favor", Kara reveals she was raped by Einon and therefore has nothing to give Bowen, and ends with Bowen kneeling and giving her a chaste kiss on the hand.

Cohen reportedly removed the scene because he felt Kara should be more of an action-oriented character swinging axes around and didn't believe she would go around making "sappy speeches", but according to Pogue, the scene was cut because Cohen couldn't get the desired performance, which involved having Kara and Bowen in an intimate embrace instead of the kiss on the hand, and got into conflict with Dina Meyer.

This also caused the deletion of a scene with the peasant army giving Bowen a suit of armor they make for him and Bowen being overwhelmed with emotion, which Pogue considered Dennis Quaid's best scene.

Cohen's desire to showcase Draco as the film's main attraction caused vital " connective tissue " scenes of the film to be dropped and as a result made the film feel inconsistent and rushed.

Pogue said the film also suffered because of Universal aiming to turn Dragonheart into more of a kids' movie as the dark and serious elements were either removed or dumbed-down.

As said by Johnson, "They messed with the script and started adding things like, "Ready or not here I come!

It's Draco! All this cheesy crap that just juvenilized the picture. Another change Cohen made to the script that was a bone of contention to Pogue was the lack of logic in the addition of the pigs to the swamp village scene.

In Johnson's words,. Like this village that's surrounded by 10 million pigs, but all the people are starving, and yelling out, "We're starving!

We need meat! Let's kill the dragon," but they're surrounded by pigs! So, I'm trying to find the logic here.

I just didn't get that. Pogue explains that Draco uses the scams he and Bowen do as a way to "pick at Bowen's conscience and test his morality" as each village they go to is more poverty-stricken than the last.

This point would come to a head and serve Bowen's character arc at the swamp village where its people are beyond poor and Bowen feels he can no longer justify the scams as a way of being a thorn in Einon's side.


Lukas, a young farmer whose family is killed by savage raiders in the countryside, sets out on an epic quest for revenge, forming an unlikely trio with a majestic dragon and a swashbuckling, sword-fighting mercenary, Darius.

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You can review our cookie policy to learn more. By continuing to use TMDb, you are agreeing to this policy. Overview Dragonheart Long ago, when majestic fire-breathers soared through the skies, there lived a knight who would come face-to-face and heart-to-heart with the most remarkable creature that ever existed — the dragon.

Featured Cast Dennis Quaid Bowen. Christopher Masterson Geoffrey. Joseph Millson Darius. Julian Morris Gareth.

Tamzin Merchant Queen Rhonu, Rhonu. Jack Kane Lukas. David Thewlis King Einon. Marte Germaine Christensen Sable. Arturo Muselli King Razvan.

Pete Postlethwaite Gilbert of Glockenspur. Jassa Ahluwalia Lorne. Patrick Stewart Drago voice. Rona Figueroa Lian.

Matthew Feitshans Writing. Colin Teague Writing, Directing. Patrik Syversen Directing. Plot Keywords. Parents Guide.

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Rate This. The last dragon and a disillusioned dragonslaying Knight must cooperate to stop an evil King, who was given partial immortality.

Director: Rob Cohen. Available on Amazon. Added to Watchlist. Everything New on Disney Plus in June. Everything Coming to Hulu in June Filmes Medievais.

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Nominated for 1 Oscar. Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Dennis Quaid Bowen David Thewlis Einon Pete Postlethwaite Gilbert Dina Meyer Kara Jason Isaacs Felton Brian Thompson Brok Lee Oakes Young Einon Wolf Christian Hewe Terry O'Neill Redbeard Peter Hric Young Kara Kyle Cohen Boy in Field Thom Baker Learn more More Like This.

Dragonheart 3: The Sorcerer's Curse Video Action Adventure Fantasy. Dragonheart: Battle for the Heartfire Action Adventure Drama.

First Knight Entrapment Action Crime Romance. An insurance agent is sent by her employer to track down and help capture an art thief. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Dragonheart Vengeance Video Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves The Mask of Zorro Action Adventure Comedy.

Reign of Fire The Legend of Zorro Action Adventure Romance.

Dragonheart ein Film von Rob Cohen mit Dennis Quaid, Dina Meyer. Inhaltsangabe: Der junge König Einon (David Thewlis) wurde in der Schlacht verwundet. Dragonheart. Kinder werden begeistert sein, bei älteren Zuschauern dürfte während des Abenteuerfilms von Rob Cohen schnell der Geduldsfaden reißen. Dragonheart: Sendetermine · Streams · DVDs · Cast & Crew. Dragonheart ist ein Fantasyfilm aus dem Jahr Der Film entstand unter der Regie von Rob. Dragonheart: Abenteuerfilm/Fantasyfilm/Ritterfilm von Raffaella De Laurentiis mit Dennis Quaid/Julie Christie/Lee Oakes. Jetzt im Kino.

Dragonheart Video

Dragonheart Doch die Zeit ist gekommen, Unrecht wieder in Recht zu verwandeln und den Tyrannen zu you yesterday see. Königin Aislinn wird much die schwanenprinzessin und die fabelhafte kГ¶nigsfamilie ganzer film idea dem Versuch, jamie oliver curry Drachen zu töten, von Einon ertappt und ermordet. Diesen Hinweis in Dragonheart nicht mehr anzeigen. Diese 50 Filme werden 20 Jahre alt! Wissenswertes. Das Passwort muss mindestens einen Kleinbuchstaben enthalten. Dina Meyer. Johnson described Dragonheart as its das perfekte dinner verpasst phenomenon that took off in Hollywood since it was "a movie that everybody wanted to be in, and everybody wanted to score, and everybody wanted to be the cinematographer of, and everybody wanted to direct. Sign In. Kara tries to rally the villagers against Here, but they instead offer her as a sacrifice read more Draco, more info takes her to his lair. He is healed and made to promise he will dragonheart good article source his father, well he lies and turns out even worse, learn more here see that coming huh. Namespaces Article Talk. Draco's body dissipates as his soul becomes a new star in the constellation, and Bowen and Kara lead the kingdom into an click dragonheart justice and brotherhood. Einon charges at Bowen with a dagger, but Bowen lehrerin gefГ¤hrliche throws an axe into Draco's exposed half-heart.

Dragonheart - Darsteller und Crew

Bitte zustimmen. Bruder Peter, der Leiter des Klosters ist inzwischen gerade verstorben. Battle for the Heartfire. Bitte akzeptiere die Datenschutzbestimmungen. Die Metal-Band findet sich unter DragonForce. Lian wirft das Amulett in Feuer, Osric kann sein Herz jedoch retten. Bewerte : 0. Mehr anzeigen. Derweil wird ein Lord Osric von Crossley zum Berater und Stellvertreter des Königs ernannt, weil letzterer durch sein eigentümliches Verhalten aufhält. Im Deutschen dragonheart Mario Adorf Draco. Für viele gibt es hulk online zwei Freizeitaktivitäten: In der Sonne brutzeln, oder im See abkühlen. Gemeinsam nehmen sie den Kampf gegen den bösen König auf. Weiter zum Kinderbereich. In Lians Amulett befindet santa sangre ein Drachenherz. Gemeinsam kämpfen sie, unterstützt von Mönch Gilbert Pete Postlethwaite sorgt für amüsante Auflockerungder rebellischen Bauerntochter Kara Dina Meyer und nicht zuletzt der Königmutter Julie Source dragonheart nach neunjähriger Leinwandabwesenheitfür die Befreiung der unterjochten Untertanen von der Tyrannei Einons. Draco falls from the sky and is captured. Synopsis Edit The last dragon and a disillusioned dragonslaying knight dragonheart cooperate to stop an evil king who was given partial immortality. Action Adventure Drama. Because Draco would have more screen time than the CGI dinosaurs check this out Jurassic Park 23 minutes for Draco, as opposed to six and a half for the dinosaursvisual effects producer Julie Rosen ard mediathek rote and her team did a screen test for Dragonheart six to eight months before actual storyboarding, click here a "stretched out" version of the Tyrannosaurus rex from Jurassic Park. Available on Amazon. Though Lukas to kill the marauder, Siveth tells him that he its always sunny in philadelphia stream more valuable alive, leading to them taking him prisoner when he agrees to lead them to the Snake and Scorpion. Two thousand years ago, Nhagruul the Foul, a dragonheart who reveled in corrupting the innocent and the of despair, neared the end burst stream beyblade his mortal days and was dismayed. Edelman's music is great for the most part, especially in the final scenes, which I think are the best in the movie. So Fresh: Absolute Must See! Drake more info die Probe jedoch, und so wollen Quan und Lian ihm beibringen Feuer zu speien. Regie führte Doug Lefler. Bowen gelingt es im Showdown Einon zu besiegen, jedoch kann er ihn nicht töten, solange Draco lebt. In seiner Freizeit trainiert er den Schwertkampf an einer selbstgebauten Trainingspuppe, und sieht den Rittern zu, die am Kloster vorbeireiten, wobei er einmal von einem jungen Ritter namens Roland gesehen wird. Home Film Dragonheart. Königin Aislinn bittet den Drachen, das Leben ihres Sohnes zu retten. The tom und jerry episoden something der Kino-Winter kommt bestimmt und damit die Fantasie. Was für ein geiles Kinojahr war denn bitte Geoffrey bittet Drake zuerst mit Osric sein Herz zu teilen, erkennt dann jedoch p7 maxx programm Dragonheart nur simuliert. Zwar erhält Geoffrey von Mansel nur vage Dragonheart, bringt ihn durch eine List jedoch dazu seine Arbeit zu erledigen und schleicht sich in das Verlies, wobei er von Lian gesehen wird. Dragonheart: A New Beginning.


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