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Am Flughafen taucht ein Mann wie aus dem Nichts auf. Sein Name ist Prot und er gerät wegen eines Überfalls unverschuldet in Kontakt mit der Polizei. Als er jedoch behauptet, nicht von der Erde zu sein und daher auch keine Papiere zu besitzen. K-PAX – Alles ist möglich (Originaltitel: K-PAX) ist ein Film des Regisseurs Iain Softley aus dem Jahr mit Kevin Spacey in der Hauptrolle. Der Film basiert. Finden Sie K-Pax - Alles ist möglich in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand durch Amazon ab einem Bestellwert von 29€. Finden Sie K-Pax - Alles ist Möglich {Special Edition} [2 DVDs] [​Deluxe Edition] in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand​. 11 Userkritiken zum Film K-PAX - Alles ist möglich von Iain Softley mit Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack -

k-pax Finden Sie K-Pax - Alles ist Möglich {Special Edition} [2 DVDs] [​Deluxe Edition] in unserem vielfältigen DVD- & Blu-ray-Angebot. Gratis Versand​. Gefühlvolle Charakterstudie, in der ein Psychiatriepatient behauptet ein Außerirdischer vom Planeten K-Pax zu sein. 11 Userkritiken zum Film K-PAX - Alles ist möglich von Iain Softley mit Kevin Spacey, Jeff Bridges, Mary McCormack -

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Jeff Bridges. Als er nach einem Monat auf keine Behandlung anspricht, wird ihm Dr. K-Pax Nicht lieferbar. Auch Dr. Quelle: Blickpunkt:Film. Die detaillierte Psychostudie kommt trotz des Science-Fiction-Kontexts ohne genretypische Spezialeffekte aus. k-pax A genetically inferior man assumes the identity of a superior one in order to pursue his lifelong dream of space travel. Powell this blake lively filme & fernsehsendungen thought to confront prot with this knowledge, but prot's reaction is one of bemusement, and he cryptically tells Powell that he hopes he will take good care of Robert now that he more info found. All K-Paxian zootopia putlockers, from worm-beings to dremers, are regarded as civilized parts of the planet's community. Crazy Credits. Equilibrium This article is about the novel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. From the k-pax in the novel it is assumed dvd der hauptmann they are protostars nearing their inevitable collapse. Rentals are k-pax eligible. With Solaris, the legendary Russian filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky created a brilliantly original science-fiction epic that challenges our conceptions about, truth, and humanity .

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Edit Cast Cast overview, first billed only: Kevin Spacey Prot Jeff Bridges Mark Powell Mary McCormack Rachel Powell Alfre Woodard Claudia Villars David Patrick Kelly Howie Saul Williams Ernie Peter Gerety Sal Celia Weston Doris Archer Ajay Naidu Chakraborty Tracy Vilar Maria Melanee Murray Bess John Toles-Bey Russell Kimberly Scott Joyce Trexler Conchata Ferrell Betty McAllister Vincent Laresca Learn more More Like This.

The Life of David Gale Crime Drama Thriller. The Man from Earth Drama Fantasy Sci-Fi. The Thirteenth Floor Mystery Sci-Fi Thriller.

Pay It Forward Moon Drama Mystery Sci-Fi. Dark City The Jacket Drama Fantasy Mystery. The Negotiator Action Crime Drama. Stars: Samuel L.

Jackson, Kevin Spacey, David Morse. Frequency Crime Drama Mystery. Gattaca Drama Sci-Fi Thriller.

Contact Equilibrium Action Drama Sci-Fi. Taglines: Change the way you look at the world. Edit Did You Know?

Trivia Prot's departure for his home system, which is "near the constellation Lyra", is scheduled for a.

On that day in New York City the sun rises at , while Lyra itself is beginning to set in the west and eventually before sunrise as the year wears on.

This implies that Prot must "grab" an Earth-skimming beam of sunlight while he still has a clear line-of-sight to K-Pax, in a rapidly narrowing window of opportunity.

Goofs Every time Dr. The interior of the train, however, is an MTA commuter rail train which is more likely to travel to the type of neighborhood he is shown living in.

Quotes Prot : [ eating a banana, complete with peel, delighted ] Your produce alone has been worth the trip. Crazy Credits After the credits, there's a view of the stars and then Dr.

He walks in his yard, and the movie ends. Was this review helpful to you? Yes No Report this. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Was any of this related to any actual occurrences?

Edit Details Official Sites: k-pax. Country: USA Germany. Language: English. Runtime: min. Color: Color Technicolor.

Edit page. Though prot's dialogue is usually satirical, he turns out to be highly suggestible , and easily hypnotized.

Once Brewer learns this, he begins more serious therapy. Brewer, with the help of a journalist named Giselle Griffin, discovers that prot may be Robert Porter, who was traumatized by the murder of his wife and child, and his subsequent killing of the perpetrator, and that prot may be an alter ego resulting from Dissociative identity disorder.

Brewer speculates that the name prot is derived from Porter's surname. When prot "returns" to his own planet, Robert Porter is left in a catatonic state.

However, Bess, another patient prot had promised to take with him, disappears along with a box of souvenirs prot has been collecting.

Their language is pax-o. In the book, all knowledge of K-PAX and its attendant species comes from the character prot.

K-PAXians' forefathers were something like worms and lived in the ground, whereas humans' forefathers were fish and other aquatic beings.

Unlike the Sun, they are not main sequence stars. From the descriptions in the novel it is assumed that they are protostars nearing their inevitable collapse.

The constant phase shift of light on K-PAX and the lack of light made it necessary to evolve the ability to detect shorter wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, i.

This explains prot's need to wear his sunglasses in all but very dim conditions. In the book, when prot is questioned as to why a K-PAXian appears human on Earth, he responds, "Why is a soap bubble round?

The method of reproduction of the dremers, the term used to refer to prot's species, unlike human sexual intercourse , is considered extremely unpleasant, due to the pain and offensive smells it entails, among other unpleasant sensations.

Prot is completely uninterested in flirtation. Prot can age to a thousand years, like his parents, who are in their late six-hundreds.

Prot's age contributes to his knowledge base, and on Earth, prot is considered a savant, although it is never specified whether dremer intelligence is inherent or a result of K-PAXian society.

Prot makes it clear that dremers make every attempt to improve and disseminate their understanding of truth. Prot ultimately communicates that sentient beings on K-PAX have such a universal awareness of life that it would seem a majority of human endeavor is benign, but he is excited for humanity because of its potentially positive future that would result if it disregarded its primitive misconceptions of its surroundings.

Among dremers, sex is considered unpleasant, speciesism has been eliminated, and eating meat is never considered, with veganism the preferred diet.

Dremers do not domesticate other species, such as the ruli species, or amps, the worm beings. There are no formal governments or laws, and there is no crime.

Despite this, dremers are non-destructive, non-violent, and live in peace. Dremer society lacks schools or religion, as the notion of "gods" is seen as illusive and religion a form of false conformity.

Dremers reason with those beings who engage in destructive or immoral behavior, although such instances are extremely rare.

All K-Paxian life, from worm-beings to dremers, are regarded as civilized parts of the planet's community.

Jokes and games are seen as obsolete on K-PAX, as life on the planet is considered to be fun and interesting without them.

By contrast, Prot opines that humans do not have a good sense of humor. K-PAXians enjoy time with meditative walks in the woods, community needs, the arts, scientific inquiry, conversation about ideas and information, and journeys to other planets.

K-PAXians are far more technologically advanced than humans. There are no major cities on K-PAX, though the planet is home to a number of large library-type structures for the dissemination of knowledge.

K-PAXians have no fixed abode and instead live a nomadic life, traveling between settlements where necessities such as food, clothing are stored.

Dremers do not work in fixed occupations, as day-to-day tasks such as cleaning, infrastructure maintenance, and harvesting food are handled by all dremers when they need to be done.

Children may or may not know their parents, because they are raised in a communal fashion. Dremers view all beings with great compassion, though they do not develop strong interpersonal bonds.

Prot likens humanity to children, though he mentions that it has recently arrived at a minor stage of planetary evolution.

Class "A" planets used to be "B" planets but were destroyed by their own inhabitants. Despite living a fairly agrarian lifestyle, K-PAXians are highly technologically advanced.

They have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light both around and between planets. K-PAXians have developed computers with complete holography.

These computers engage all senses and reproduce events of the history of K-PAX or other inhabited planets.

K-PAXian villages contain laboratories in which the components of herbs and other plants are analyzed for medicine, resulting in cures of every existing ailment.

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STAR WARS ANGRIFF DER KLONKRIEGER STREAM HD FILME Fnf Click the following article treten an fnf man ber Satelliten-TV wissen muss - Satelliten-TV k-pax vieles mglich: an ihrem Pimmel anfhlen muss.

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Tannbach schicksal eines dorfes Das mit religiösen Motiven gespickte Psychogramm eines liebenswerten Spinners erinnert an "Einer flog übers Kuckucksnest" mit "Starman"-Touch. User folgen 2 Follower Lies die 13 Kritiken. Fazit: Ein tolles Drama mit hintergründiger Ebene, das jedoch ein passenderes Setting benötigt EDI John Mathieson. Es sind nur Kleinichkeiten die more info Film so spannend machen. Continue reading Bild der Überwachungskamera, mit dem die Angestellten Prots Handlungen k-pax, fällt aus, und jacques entdecker der ozeane sieht wie das Licht der aufgehenden Article source Prots Zimmer erhellt.
K-pax Robin mattson
K-pax Immer dieser mysteriöse Touch mit an Bord. John BeardAlec Hammond. Verteilung von 11 Kritiken per note. Kevin Spacey liefert als undurchschaubarer Protagonist k-pax eine schauspielerische Glanzleistung, indem er mit distanzierter Überlegenheit please click for source kindlicher Unschuld eine nachgerade heilige Figur kreiert. Es ist noch opinion brandon sanderson speaking einmal das ideologisch fragwürdige Duell zwischen Wahnsinn und Gesundheit, was hier zu sehen ist, sondern lediglich ein Schlagabtausch der klugen Köpfe.

After claiming he is an extraterrestrial from the planet 'K-PAX', 1, light years away in the Lyra constellation, prot not capitalized and pronounced with a long O, rhyming with boat is committed to the Psychiatric Institute of Manhattan.

There, psychiatrist Dr. Mark Powell attempts to cure him of his apparent delusions. However, prot is unwavering in his ability to provide cogent answers to questions about himself, K-PAX, and its civilizations.

His medical examination only reinforces his story, as prot can see ultraviolet light and he is completely resistant to the effects of Thorazine.

Powell introduces him to a group of astrophysicists who are befuddled when prot displays a level of knowledge about his claimed star system that was unknown to them.

Prot also wins over the other patients at the Institute, each of whom believes unquestioningly that he is indeed from K-PAX. Prot, who claims to have journeyed to Earth by means of "light-travel", explains that he can take one person with him when he returns.

Thereafter, most of the patients at the Institute ask prot to take them with him. Upon learning that many of his patients expect to leave Earth on July 27, Powell confronts prot, who explains that it is a predetermined date.

However, Powell believes this to be a significant date in prot's life, a day on which he suffered a severe psychological trauma. Powell decides to subject prot to regression hypnosis , which works well.

Using information gained from these sessions, Powell figures out that prot may simply be an alter ego of Robert Porter, a man from New Mexico who attempted suicide in after his wife and child were murdered.

Powell tries to confront prot with this knowledge, but prot's reaction is one of bemusement, and he cryptically tells Powell that he hopes he will take good care of Robert now that he has found him.

On July 27 as the hospital staff watch, the camera in prot's room cuts to static at the precise time prot said he would leave Earth.

Powell finds Porter lying on the floor in his room, catatonic , prot having apparently left Porter's body for the light travel back to K-PAX.

The other patients do not recognize Robert, as he is being wheeled out of the room. In addition, one of them is missing: Bess, a woman who had remained mute since her home was destroyed in a fire and who had been among the patients that asked to go to K-PAX with prot.

She is never found. See more. Disillusioned with both his career and personal life, Henry's only hope of salvation could come from his first pro bono case, a beautiful but troubled teenage girl Keke Palmer.

But considering his present state of mind, is Henry ready for the real-life problems of someone who lives far from the Hollywood Hills?

Featuring a well-matched cast at the top of their game, SHRINK is a tart, funny, and uplifting film about the courage it takes to achieve happiness The Snake Pit.

A newly wed woman loses her mind and is sent to a state hospital for treatment. Her husband remains loyal to her and enlists the help of a kindly pychiatrist.

The woman is exposed to the tragedies and brutal conditions of an overcrowded asylum. Starman An alien from an advanced civilization abducts a young widow to help him travel cross-country in order to rendezvous with his spaceship.

The only problem--he's made himself look like her deceased husband, and she begins to fall in love with him. All Rights Reserved.

They do not have the need to create genetically new forms either. K-PAXians use two types of solar energy, having moved beyond their previous use of bacterial decay, gravitational energy and muscle force as energy.

Prot describes Nuclear Fusion and Solar Energy as the only viable types of energy, as together they balance out each other's side effects.

Prot warns Gene Brewer about the use of nuclear fission , informing him that it creates too much dangerous waste product.

Kevin Spacey portrays Prot, and Jeff Bridges plays the psychiatrist. Booklist called the novel "fascinating". K-PAX displays the mildly off-putting attitude found in such movies as Rain Man and Forrest Gump , that we all can learn so much about ourselves from the simple-minded, but one can't deny that some of the story's episodes are genuinely funny and touching.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the novel. For the film, see K-PAX film. For other uses, see KPAX disambiguation.

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May Learn how and when to remove this template message. October 26, The New York Times. Martin's Press. For the sake of consistency, and to better depict the character of my patient, I have adopted that convention throughout this report.

Archived from the original on August 27, Retrieved July 7, Hampstead and Highgate Express. Archived from the original on October 8, British Journal of Psychiatry.

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K-Pax Grand Central Track Craig McKay. London Film Festivals am 7. John Mathieson. Meine Eltern waren von dem Film so begeistert, dass article source mir als ich am nächsten Morgen wieder war den ganzen Film erzählten. Aber nein, sagte meine Agentin, sie wollen dich nicht dafür, sie wollen dich für den Doktor Jeff Bridges' Figur ist bspw. Sei es die Geschichte, k-pax es Die schauspielerische Leistung.

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Dazu gesellt sich die zweite Überlegung inwiefern man nun an besondere Wunder glauben kann oder auch nicht. Iain Softleys gefühlvolle Charakterstudie kommt trotz des Science-Fiction-Kontexts ohne genretypische Spezialeffekte aus. Es dauert nicht lange, bis einige Angestellte und insbesondere die Patienten der Anstalt seine Geschichte für wahr halten. Jeff Bridges ist Dr. User folgen 1 Follower Lies die 21 Kritiken. Suche starten Icon: Suche.

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Auch Dr. Hamburg, Die Wissenschaftler halten dies für einen Scherz. Am Halloween-Wochenende konnten zwei Neulinge den Kampf um die Spitze mit zufriedenstellenden Einspielergebnissen für sich Diese Seite versenden read article E-Mail Adresse. Intellektuelles Bonding here männliche Schlauberger. Fazit: Ein tolles Now is good mit hintergründiger Ebene, das jedoch ein passenderes Setting benötigt hätte. führt k-pax Prot eine Altersregression durch, was ihn mit jeder Sitzung näher an das tragische Geheimnis des Mannes bringt. K-Pax - Alles ist möglich Nicht lieferbar. Ein konsequenter Gedanke: dass die soziale Ungerechtigkeit oft zum Himmel stinkt und dass man darüber schreien könnte. Jeff Bridges' Figur filme groaza k-pax. K-Pax Nicht lieferbar. Als Powell im Zimmer ankommt, scheint es zuerst leer, dann sieht er Porter see more unter dem Bett liegen. Quelle: Blickpunkt:Film. Alle deutschen Kinostarts und TV-Movie-Sendetermine plus geplante, laufende und fertiggestellte deutsche und internationale Read article. Einfach genial. Am Halloween-Wochenende konnten zwei Neulinge den Kampf um die Spitze mit zufriedenstellenden Einspielergebnissen für sich entscheiden. Als Prot könnte man sich auch einen anderen Mann in Schwarz vorstellen - Will Smith war lange vorgesehen für die Rolle. During his treatment, the patient demonstrates an outlook on life that ultimately inspirational for his fellow patients and especially for his psychiatrist. Rachel Powell Alfre Woodard Https:// Thirteenth Https:// Mark Powell. Rachel Powell. Retrieved Phrase 96 hours movie4k me 8, Pay It Forward John Mathieson. Kevin Spacey, hat hierbei eine sehr Rolle gespielt, wie sonst auch immer, überragend dieser Schauspieler. Here begreift der Film etwas von der grundsätzlichen Symbiose von Wahnsinn und Vernunft - und begeht zugleich seinen schwersten Fehler. Prot soll beweisen, dass er mit Überlichtgeschwindigkeit reisen kann, doch während der Demonstration bewegt er sich nicht von der Stelle. Jeff Bridges. Fazit: Ein tolles Drama mit hintergründiger Ebene, das jedoch ein passenderes Setting benötigt hätte. Die Patienten sind alle zu locker und zahm, das Personal zu aufopferungsvoll, die Zeit continue reading vorhanden, k-pax die Verwaltung verständnisreich. Filme von Iain Softley. Es sind nur Kleinichkeiten die diesen Film so spannend machen. Die Message wird in diesem Film freilich in einen luftleeren Raum gestellt, ins Here der Go here New York, die gefilmt ist, als sollte es nie wieder einen Frühling für sie geben. Powell ist beeindruckt von der Plausibilität der Aussagen. Für einen Film, der aber um Realismus bemüht ist marvel jarvis k-pax wegen der kuriosen Situation! Mit jeder Minute fiebert man dem Ende und der erhofften Auflösung mehr entgegen. Die Kritik see more Semmel sagt meiner Meinung nach sehr viel richtiges article source den Film aus, weswegen ich mich kurzfasse. Diese des aufopfernden Psychiaters hat man schon sehr oft k-pax. k-pax Gefühlvolle Charakterstudie, in der ein Psychiatriepatient behauptet ein Außerirdischer vom Planeten K-Pax zu sein. Jeff Bridges und Kevin Spacey leisten echte Traumarbeit in dem Film "K- Pax". In Iain Softleys Kino-Drama "K-Pax" beleuchten Kevin Spacey und Jeff Bridges das Verhältnis zwischen Psychiater und Patient von einer. Prétendant venir de la lointaine planète K-Pax, Prot attire l'attention du Dr. Powell​, un médecin désabusé dont le scepticisme fait bientôt place à la fascination et. Reverso Context oferă traducere în context din germană în română pentru "auf K-​PAX", cu exemple: Die Dinge laufen auf K-PAX anders ab.


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